Alpha Geek, Founder and FIGcast co-host
Tripp blogs and tweets under the name Seanachie because he thinks it sounds cool.  He went to spy school but decided it wouldn't be any fun if he couldn't share how awesome he is, so now he works at a university and tricked Trey and Darren into starting this site.  He's the big reader of The Trio, and probably watches the most TV, too.  His special skills include Epic Beard Growing (+37).

Comic Book Guy, Founder and FIGcast co-host
Trey lives in Nashville, the coolest town in the South, and is wrapping up his Masters in History at the University of Louisville.  He can also tell you more than you would ever want to know about the seventh President of the United States, Andrew Jackson.  He's the undisputed comic expert on the site, even if his history is majorly slanted towards DC.  He's also our graphics guy, so if you see a cool logo or banner around here, he's the one who designed it.  He possesses the Superior Beard Growing skill (+17).

Chief Technology Geek, Founder and FIGcast producer
Darren is the coolest of The Trio because he lives in Brooklyn where the hipsters hip.  He's definitely the most technically savvy of the group, not the least of which because he's an honest-to-goodness computer engineer.  He's also a master with the .wavs and the .movs and the .whatnots, so anything that seems complicated around here was probably accomplished by him.  He likes sunsets, emergency towels and opera-singing blue aliens.  His most underestimated stat is his Excellent Beard Growing (+13).

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