Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Comics Trey Didn't Buy Returns: Batman 13!

Editor's note: This review was supposed to be posted a while ago but I forgot to put the finishing touches on it.  My bad...anyways, better late than never!

Before we get into the review I know what you are all thinking.  “But Shaun, didn’t you declare you would not be buying anymore Scott Snyder Batman on FIGcast this summer?”  Yes, yes I did. But in a world where more pressing commitments exist i.e. marriage, job, family, bills, etc., dropping 3.99 on occasion to see what is happening in ye olde comic book is hardly acrimonious right? Perhaps the jury is deliberating as I type. 

In any case, Batman 13 begins the latest crossover event in the Batman Family a mere five months after the close of Night of the Owls.  I know us comic nerds bemoan crossovers as a principle, but the editors of DC know us better, we freaking buy the whole lot of them.  Prior to picking up this issue I reread Snyder’s 12 issues of the series.  It is strongly plotted, full of great character moments, and contains fantastic art by Greg Capullo, Rafeal Albuquerque, Becky Cloonan and Andy Clarke.  In other words, I know why fans love this series.  I am on the fence as to the overall greatness of the title, but find myself unable to rant against it completely.

Issue 13 starts the much hyped Death of the Family storyline which features the return of the Joker after his face was cut off by the Dollmaker in last year’s Detective Comics 1.  If you love that new status quo for Joker’s face, good for you I guess.  If you don’t, well I suppose Capullo’s art could certainly make a case for the new design.  If a guy was truly wearing his own tanned face over a skinless exterior I am sure I would soil myself.  As for the plot of the issue, it was very generic.  Joker returns, kills some cops, confounds Batman as to his motives, and ends with a cliffhanger that promises one beloved character may have a compound fracture to the skull.  If the 24 issues involved in this crossover are any indication as to the nature of Joker’s plan I suspect it will be A Death in the Family in macrocosm.  Maybe Jason Todd will mercifully die again and an editorial moratorium will be placed on him. Here’s hoping!

Finally, the real standout of this issue is the 6 page backup story that takes place prior to the penultimate scene of the main story.  I find it comical that anyone (die-hard fan or not) would claim that Harley Quinn is an empowered female character.  Harley has always been shown to be at the mercy of her irrational love of Mr. J and this backup crafted by Snyder, Tynion IV and Jock demonstrates this creepy relationship in full.  There is just something truly frightening about the way Joker tells Harley to undress and she does it with sheepish approval.  Then Joker psychologically terrorizes her for his own amusement (the how I will not spoil). This is deft writing highlighting the Clown Prince of Crime’s sociopathic nature.  I may just have to stick around until Batman 17 for the conclusion of the storyline...oh comics, by bane.

FIG League Week 8 Recap: Bye-pocalypse Part 2!

The Bye-pocalypse is almost over!

The Easteros is still a mess with two teams tied for first place (Friend-of-the-Show Keith's Fighting Daleks and Invisible-Friend-of-the-Show Greg's Gangnam Riders at 5-3) and the entire division is only separated by two games.  Things are...different in the Westeros with Ben's Tebow Steaks taking a three game lead over the next closest team, Friend-of-the-Show Shaun's Hell's Kitchen Daredevils.

Ben and Keith's Fighting Daleks are still jockeying for the points lead with only a slim nine points between them.  The latter causing Invisible-Friend-of-the-Show Jess' Albuquerque Pollos Hermanos' four game win streak came to an end.

Games to watch next week:
Two rematches! My Gotham Rogues (3-5) beat Listener Simon's Miranda Reavers (3-4-1) in week five by just one point. What will happen this time?
That same week, Producer Darren's Maximegalon Herring's (3-4-1) handed the Daleks (5-3) one of their three loses by just two points. Can Darren beat the division leader again?

The Fightin' Daleks530.625--
Gangnam Riders530.625--
Miranda Reavers341.4381.5
Maximegalon Herrings341.4381.5
Gotham Rogues350.3752
Tebow Steaks8001.000--
Hell's Kitchen Daredevils530.6253
Albuquerque Pollos Hermanos440.5004
Winterfell Direwolves260.2506
Local Yokels170.1257

The Fightin' Daleks (Keith)7856343-1-02-2-01-3-0W3
Gangnam Riders (Greg)6896623-1-02-2-03-1-0W2
Miranda Reavers (Simon)7057191-4-02-0-11-2-1W1
Maximegalon Herrings (Darren)6987070-2-13-2-02-1-1L2
Gotham Rogues (Trey)7016941-3-02-2-02-2-0W1

Tebow Steaks (Ben)7965965-0-03-0-04-0-0W8
Hell's Kitchen Daredevils (Shaun)6526750-3-05-0-03-1-0L1
Albuquerque Pollos Hermanos (Jessica)6386892-2-02-2-01-3-0L1
Winterfell Direwolves (Tripp)6847701-3-01-3-01-3-0L5
Local Yokels (Ryan)5377391-3-00-4-01-3-0L6

Monday, October 29, 2012

FIGcast - Episode 84 - "Yay History and Zombies"

These are a few of Shaun's fav-o-rite thiiiiiiings!

FIGcast - Episode 84 - "Yay History and Zombies"

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

FIG League Week 7 Recap: Bye-pocalypse Part 1!

The first week of Bye-pocalypse is behind us. With six teams on the bye this week, our scores were a little anemic in places.

The laugher of the week had to be the game between the 4-3 Gangnam Riders and 1-6 Local Yokels where Invisible-Friend-of-the-Show Greg beat Temporary Co-host Ryan despite only starting four players.

Invisible-Friend-of-the-Show Jess' Albuquerque Pollos Hermanos won their fourth in a row moving them into third place in the Westeros Conference. Though it will still be an uphill struggle to unseat Ben's Tebow Steaks at first place with a 7-0 record and possession of the scoring lead.

The gap in the Easteros has widened slightly, but there's still only a two game difference between Friend-of-the-Show Keith's Fightin' Daleks (4-3) and the last place team (my poor 2-5 Gotham Rogues).

Games to watch next week:
Can the Pollos Hermanos continue their winning ways against the first place Fightin' Daleks?
Can Producer Darren's Maximegalon Herrings (3-3-1 and the third most points scored at 638) defeat the Tebow Steaks (7-0 and first most points scored at 694)?
Which of the last place teams will walk away with a win?  The pathetic Gotham Rogues or the hapless Local Yokels?

The Fightin' Daleks430.571--
Gangnam Riders430.571--
Maximegalon Herrings331.5000.5
Miranda Reavers241.3571.5
Gotham Rogues250.2862
Tebow Steaks7001.000--
Hell's Kitchen Daredevils520.7142
Albuquerque Pollos Hermanos430.5713
Winterfell Direwolves250.2865
Local Yokels160.1436
The Fightin' Daleks (Keith)6865473-1-01-2-01-3-0W2
Gangnam Riders (Greg)6006053-1-01-2-03-1-0W1
Maximegalon Herrings (Darren)6386050-2-13-1-02-1-1L1
Miranda Reavers (Simon)6046351-4-01-0-11-2-1L1
Gotham Rogues (Trey)6056451-3-01-2-02-2-0L2

Tebow Steaks (Ben)6945364-0-03-0-04-0-0W7
Hell's Kitchen Daredevils (Shaun)5955860-2-05-0-03-1-0W1
Albuquerque Pollos Hermanos (Jessica)5515902-1-02-2-01-3-0W4
Winterfell Direwolves (Tripp)6006691-2-01-3-01-3-0L4
Local Yokels (Ryan)4886431-2-00-4-01-3-0L5

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Iron Man 3 trailer is out

and it's spectacular, right?  Loved IM, only loved pieces of IM2, and really hoping Shane Black can knock it out of the park with IM3.

What do you think?

Monday, October 22, 2012

FIGcast - Episode 83 - "Die Replacement Batman"

Eat this, fake Robin!

FIGcast - Episode 83 - "Die Replacement Batman"

  • (0:01:40) Darren saw Argo, and is heading to Nashville
  • (0:06:15) Shaun is neck deep in comics, and also saw Argo
  • (0:29:55) Trey met the Weeping Angels
  • (0:40:45) Tripp saw Sinister
  • (0:55:55) Arrow is pretty solid, and The Walking Dead is back, and better than ever
  • (1:23:00) FIGLeague Update: (same song...)
  • (1:25:40) Blu Rays: (Alcatraz)
  • (1:27:05) Coming Attractions: (Alex Cross...Paranormal Activity 4)
  • (1:29:15) Box Office: (Neeson reigns supreme)
  • (1:34:15) What Would Darren Read
  • (1:52:30) Trey's Pullbox: (Marvel Now...Justice League...Daredevil...Wonder Woman...Batwoman...DCU Presents)
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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

FIG League Week 6 Recap

Week 6 is in the books!

Not as many closes scores this week with three teams scoring in the triple digits. The Easteros Division has become even more tight while Ben's Tebow Steaks are still running away with the Westeros.

Along with an undefeated record and sole possession of first place, the Tebow Steaks have also taken the points lead away from The Fightin' Daleks. At the halfway point of the season it looks like this is going to be a one-horse race.

In the Easteros, Producer Darren's Maximegalon Herrings have moved into first place in the division by a gigantic lead of half a game.

Games to watch next week:
Invisible-Friend-of-the-Show Jessica's Albuquerque Pollos Hermanos have won three straight after starting 0-3.  Can they continue against the Herrings?
Will Friend-of-the-Show Shaun's Daredevils (4-2) continue their slide against Listener Simon's Miranda Reavers (2-3-1)?
How badly will the Tebow Steaks destroy my hapless Gotham Rogues (2-4)?

Here's how the standings look:

Maximegalon Herrings321.583--
The Fightin' Daleks330.5000.5
Gangnam Riders330.5000.5
Miranda Reavers231.4171
Gotham Rogues240.3331.5
Tebow Steaks6001.000--
Hell's Kitchen Daredevils420.6672
Albuquerque Pollos Hermanos330.5003
Winterfell Direwolves240.3334
Local Yokels150.1675
Maximegalon Herrings (Darren)5855410-1-13-1-02-1-1W3
The Fightin' Daleks (Keith)5814692-1-01-2-01-3-0W1
Gangnam Riders (Greg)5255352-1-01-2-03-1-0L2
Miranda Reavers (Simon)5185341-3-01-0-11-2-1W1
Gotham Rogues (Trey)5175491-2-01-2-02-2-0L1

Tebow Steaks (Ben)5984494-0-02-0-04-0-0W6
Hell's Kitchen Daredevils (Shaun)4945000-2-04-0-03-1-0L1
Albuquerque Pollos Hermanos (Jessica)4875362-1-01-2-01-3-0W3
Winterfell Direwolves (Tripp)5225641-2-01-2-01-3-0L3
Local Yokels (Ryan)4185681-2-00-3-01-3-0L4