Monday, May 11, 2015

FIGcast - Episode 164 - "Wife-of-the-Trey"

We have a surprise guest to weigh in on Black Widow's mommy issues!

FIGcast - Episode 164 - "Wife-of-the-Trey"

  • (0:01:30) Blu Rays: (Mad Max Collector's Edition)
  • (0:02:00) Coming Attractions: (Hot Pursuit)
  • (0:02:45) Box Office: Avenging FTW!
  • (0:10:15) TV Talk: Game of Thrones loses a major character, Flash goes Grodd, SHIELD is getting a bit protracted
  • (0:39:55) Darren: finished Future Crimes, more Voyager, deeper into cryptocoin rabbit hole
  • (0:58:30) Tripp: graduation
  • (1:01:40) Trey: workin' for on the weekend, has another podcast
  • (1:09:50) Age of Ultron in-depth, with surprise guest wife-of-the-Trey Sarah!
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