Monday, March 30, 2015

FIGcast - Episode 161 - "Boll Weevil Monument"

Do you know the thrilling story of the only monument to honor an insect?  Listen to Tripp's banter to find out!

FIGcast - Episode 161 - "Boll Weevil Monument"

  • (0:00:55) Blu Rays: (Exodus: Gods and Kings)
  • (0:00:55) Coming Attractions: [Nothing Attractive Found]
  • (0:01:20) Box Office: live action Cinderella takes home the prince, and Insurgent surges ahead
  • (0:02:15) TV Talk: I, Zombie is promising, Walking Dead gets domestic, The Flash killed the time travel fun, SHIELD gets split apart... again, 
  • (0:44:50) Darren: Birthday, Blanca, Hamilton again, finished The Three Body Problem and started Rare by friend-of-the-show Keith!
  • (1:03:05) Tripp: Boll Weevil monument road trip, new Star Wars novels, Bloodline (Netflix)
  • (1:13:05) Shaun: Just some comics (Ms. Marvel, Thor: GOT v3, Fables v19, IDW Doctor Who), Constantine catch up, attempt at Kimmy Schmidt
  • (1:30:25) Trey: Huntsville, a little more Transfomers, Yahoo Screen sucks
  • (1:41:00) Spider-Man comes home
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